Fairy/ Unicorn Day Camp

Time: 10am to 3pm
Cost: $160 per child

Camp Description

Recommended for ages 5 to 12

Join us for fairy / unicorn fun. We start the magical day with decorating our fairy costumes: tutus, wings and headbands (these are provided and will be sent home with your child).
Next...Time to Meet your Unicorn...At this time all fairies will proceed in decorating their unicorn stalls and unicorns with sparkle flowers and butterflies on mane and tails and just the right amount of fun on each and every stall to make it a perfect unicorn habitat.
Next...The Riding Ring...All faries must have a basic knowledge of riding a unicorn so each fairy is assigned their personal staff for a lesson in western equitation. Fairies learn to safe leading, mounting, neck reining, and halting.
Next...The Fairy Path Trail Ride... where we will look for fairies or their houses. We will stop and have lunch on the trail.

Family may come at pickup time to have your fairy introduce you to her staff, see her unicorn and stall, and give you a walk down the fairy trail.

How to Sign Up for Camp