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Terri Taylor

Photo by Alice Gebura

Meet Terri Taylor

Terri Taylor grew up with horses and began riding when she was two years old! Every Sunday she and her dad would participate in trail riding and show competitions hosted by local saddle clubs in southwestern Minnesota.

At age ten she began spending her summers at Larks Riding School where she was trained in english and western equitation, jumping, and gaming. Later Terri worked at Larks as a junior instructor. She also worked with a horse trainer and trained her own yearlings.

Today Terri teaches western equiation and when a student is ready, they compete in Western Saddle Club Association events. Terri's students always place first in lead line!

Terri's life experience includes raising a severely disabled son. As a result she became interested in therapy riding and its many benefits for children with all disabilities. She has developed leading exercises and games with ponies that help disabled children develop skills with body language and communicating.

"I have to give some major compliments tonight. We had a birthday party for my 6-year-old tonight at Pony Party Place and it was amazing! Terri did such a great job of coordinating everything.

The parents enjoyed the fire pit area where they got to chat and watch while the kids played and rode ponies and horses. Everyone had so many compliments and I was beyond impressed.

If anyone is looking for a birthday party idea, call Terri. The price was way too reasonable and I would do this again without hesitation. Seriously people, best party ever!!" -Ashley