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Pony Party - Giddy Up

For children of all ages. Children can groom the ponies and enjoy one hour of pony rides. Each rider receives one-on-one instruction on the basics of neck reining, how to mount and dismount, and how to stop and start the pony. Children can ride at a faster trot pace, if appropriate. We set up a pole weaving course for young riders to try out their newly acquired skills. While children are waiting their turn they can groom a real pony, even braid the mane and tail (parent supervision required).

Outside the riding ring there's a seating area with umbrella tables and chairs for party guests. There's a fire pit in the seating area where we keep a bonfire going for everyone's enjoyment.


During the pandemic we ask that parents maintain social distancing for the guests while staff are handling the animals.If a child needs to be lifted onto the saddle, we ask that parents do this while staff maintains an appropriate distance. Staff will wear face masks and, if required, gloves.

At this time parties are limited to 10 children and cost $250.


During the pandemic all activities are held outside. If it rains on the day of your camp or party we will cancel the event and refund your money.


To deliver the best possible party experience we need to speak on the phone to confirm the details. Call 763-441-0276 and ask for Terri. (Sorry, we do not email or text. We are outside all day taking care of the farm.)

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due with each reservation. Weight restrictions apply. Our ponies and horses accommodate children riders only up to 150 pounds.

Print and fill out the REQUIRED: Permission slip and waiver of liability for each rider and bring to the party. The waiver must be signed before a child rides or a child may not ride.

For your information, please read the Minnesota Livestock Activities Statute.

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How to Book a Party

  1. Call Terri at 763-441-0276 and reserve a date and time for your pony party. (Sorry, we do not email or text. We are outside all day taking care of the farm.)
  2. Write a check to TERRI TAYLOR for your $50 non-refundable deposit. (Cash or check only.We are a small business and can't afford PayPal and credit card fees. Thank you for understanding.)
    Mail your deposit to us within a week of the party date and time. Please mail your check to:
    Terri Taylor
    16978 70th Street NE
    Elk River, MN 55330
  3. Two days before the party date, Terri will contact you to go over the details.
  4. On the day of the party:
    • Pay the remaining balance due before the start of the party. Cash or check only. Check made out to TERRI TAYLOR.
    • Bring filled out Permission Slip and Liability Waivers for each participant. The waiver must be signed before a child rides or a child may not ride.

In case of illness, cancellation must be made by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the party.

Our parties include the whole family but riding activities focus on children.

What to Wear

  • Long pants
  • Sturdy boots or shoes (tennis shoes are fine, but no shoes that have an open toe or that might fall off the foot)
  • Helmets: you may wear your own, or borrow one of our helmets
  • Dress for the weather

Don't Freeze in the Breeze!

Horses and ponies grow winter coats which means they are ready for cold weather.

If you have a party during the winter months, you should wear your winter coat, too. And be sure to have on sweaters and warm pants under your winter coat. You also need a warm hat and winter gloves.

When you're dressed warmly in the winter, you'll enjoy your party with the ponies!

meet our ponies